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Continuous Compassionate Care

Brownsburg Health Care Center delivers the cutting-edge treatment you need with the hometown compassion you deserve. Whether it’s rehabilitation for a strong and lasting recovery or long-term nursing and memory care for a loved one, we have the experts and equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Why Choose Us

Receiving 4 Star recognition, US News, and World Report ranked Brownsburg Health Care Center in the top 11 leading long-term care healthcare (LTC) facilities in the state of Indiana. Our award-winning staff is led by two outstanding Medical Directors, of whom residents and their families may choose between to oversee their personal care plan, and a renown clinical expert who is also our very own Director of Nursing.

Not only are we one of Indiana’s best LTC providers, our services cost less than others in our area. With our family atmosphere, warm and friendly staff, skilled nurses, and our rehabilitation program’s low rate of recidivism and continual achievement of fast and full recoveries, we’ve earned every bit of our reputation. In fact, we repeatedly hear from new residents that they made us their first choice based on recommendations from trusted friends and family.

Unlike other healthcare facilities where smoking is completely prohibited and even the most moderate of alcohol consumption is discouraged, we respect our residents, their families, and the choices they are free to make as individuals. In addition to permitted smoking outside our facility, we’re currently preparing to offer residents and their guests a daily Happy Hour.

How Caring Should Be

Real Relationships

Our holistic and clinical care experts understand that a patient’s wellness and physical condition is seriously impacted by his or her overall quality of life. Ensuring each resident is healthy, happy, and fulfilled, we foster the development of real and rewarding relationships through daily community-building events and activities.

Real Results

From rapid recoveries to our thoughtful and highly-skilled nursing staff, delicious and nutritious meals to the way we treat our residents each and every day, we’re proud of our reputation within the community and grateful for all the hundreds of positive reviews that speak for us.

Real Choices

To give our residents and their families the power of financial choice, we accept an extensive variety of healthcare providers and other methods of payment. For friendly and thorough answers to questions regarding insurance, copays, or how we’ll assist you and your personal financial situation, call us today to learn more.