How will I know when it is time for me to look into the services of a Health Care Center?

When the family can no longer handle the care and needs of the loved one or if 24/7 nursing care is identified.

How will I know which facility is best for my loved one?

You and your loved one should look at several facilities before making a selection. Make sure you ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable.

Is there an option to stay in the hospital versus a Health Care Center?

Hospitals are designed for patients who have medical issues that can be treated only in a hospital. Insurance companies could also stop insurance benefits when you no longer need hospital care. A nursing center can provide the continuing medical care and rehabilitation services you need while you recover from illness or injury so that you can return home as soon as possible.

What is your insurance policy? Do you take Medicaid?

Brownsburg accepts a wide variety of insurances and insurance plans. Contact our experts to learn more about your plan. For a complete list, visit the insurance options page!

As one of Indiana’s best providers of short-term, long-term, and rehabilitation care, the services offered at Brownsburg Health Care Center are also the most cost-effective around. In addition to our fair pricing rates, our knowledgeable financial assistance team is highly-experienced in navigating the complexities of insurance providers, copay plans and distribution, and many other types of financial programs. We welcome a wider variety of financial and insurance options such as Anthem in association with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Indiana’s own Advantage Health Solutions, and our facility also accepts Medicare as an additional supplement to consumer-based private insurance.

Do you offer short term or long term care?

We offer both long term and short term care at our facility.

Do you offer transportation?

Yes! We contract with local transportation companies to provide transportation as needed.

Is Medication management an additional charge?

Medication management is a part of the initial charge for staying at the facility. Our staff will include medication management services in the care plan of your loved one upon discussion of needs.

Can I bring medications from home into the facility?

Please leave your medications at home! We provide all of the medications for our residents/patients so we can keep detailed records for each.

Do you have a physician on staff?

Brownsburg Health Care offers two medical directors to choose from, Dr. Daniel Harely and Dr. James Pike. We also offer our geriatric psychiatrist, Dr. William Arnold.

What is included in the daily charge for your skilled care facility?

At our facility, the daily/monthly cost includes meal service, housekeeping, amenity fees(what is included in this?), and cost of care.

What services and amenities are offered for residents/patients?

  • Our services and amenities at this facility include:
      • Furnished Rooms
      • Beauty and Barber services
      • Wifi internet access provided throughout the entire facility
      • Various activities occurring everyday
      • Shopping Trips available for supplies
      • Outings to various restaurants and locations near the facility
      • Cable Ready Rooms
      • Providing all medical equipment in the cost of stay.

What are your visiting hours?

We are a 24/hr facility so you can visit anytime!

May I share a meal with a loved one at a facility?

We encourage you to spend as much time with your loved one as possible– if you wish to share a meal with them please contact the main office before 10am that day.

If my loved one is staying short term, what do we need to bring?

If a loved one is only staying short term we recommend bringing comfortable clothing  and a few personal belongings and favorite toiletries to make their stay as welcoming as possible. We provide all of the furniture and equipment so there is no need to haul everything from home! Let us take care of that for you so you and your family can be focused on the recovery process.